PDF Forms Filler Enterprise Extension 1

USD $281.00

The Enterprise Extension 1 plugin is an add-on for PDF Forms Filler for CF7 which replaces the use of the Pdf.Ninja API (v1) by local binaries. It allows reading and generating PDF files directly on the server where the plugin is installed. Locally installed packages or bundled binaries are used for working with PDF files.

The Enterprise Extension 1 plugin DOES NOT YET integrate with PDF Forms Filler for WPForms. Support for PDF Forms Filler for WPForms will be added in the near future.

This is an old version of our Enterprise Extension product. A newer version of this product is available here. If you are planning to use this old product, please make sure Pdf.Ninja version 1 matches your requirements and works with your forms. There are many missing features in version 1 that exist in version 2. Pdf.Ninja version 2 is based on a different software stack and matches Enterprise Extension version 2.


  • Enables the use of local binaries to work with PDF files.
  • Does not require rebuilding existing Contact Form 7 forms that use PDF Forms Filler for CF7 functionality. Simply install the extension plugin and PDF Forms Filler for CF7 will start using it automatically.
  • Perpetual license with free updates.
  • Use with up to 5 WordPress installations.
  • XFA forms are NOT supported.
  • JavaScript execution is NOT supported.
  • Not recommended for filling non-Latin text.


  • Requires PHP exec() and optionally proc_open(), proc_close(), proc_get_status() and proc_terminate() to function correctly on the server and be able to run binaries from PHP code. WP Engine, WPX, GoDaddy (Managed WordPress plan) and other restrictive hosting environments are not supported!
  • Requires x86_64 server architecture OR installation of PDFtk, QPDF, Poppler and ImageMagick packages on the server.
  • Requires PHP 5.4 or above. Requires fileinfo functions.
  • Chroot environment is not supported (unless the full /proc filesystem is mounted).
  • Requires a Linux web server. Windows is currently not supported.
  • Requires an environment with correctly configured locale settings.
  • Supports AcroForm only (XFA forms are not supported).
  • Bundled binaries require Linux kernel version 3.2.0 or above. Older kernels can be used but require the use of binaries installed via system package manager.
  • No refunds will be given once the plugin is downloaded at least once! Make sure your environment is supported before buying! You can check if your environment is supported by accessing the Contact Form 7 Integration page and finding the ‘Enterprise Extension‘ label.

Contact for details.