Today we unveil a new version of our API product – Pdf.Ninja v2! The new version has been in development for a long time. It’s finally time to release it to the world.

The API version 2 is available alongside API version 1. Both versions will continue to be supported going forward. Version 2 is accessible at{endpoint}. Version 1 will continue to be available at the usual URL,{endpoint}. The API interface is virtually the same, with some small exceptions.

Version 2 has a number of major improvements:

  • The backend has been completely reworked.
  • The font rendering issues have been resolved.
  • XFA forms are now supported.
  • JavaScript is now executed during the PDF modification process. You can use PDFs that rely on internal JavaScript.
  • Image input and output formats have been changed. We added PDF as an acceptable input for the embed endpoint. We’ve removed PS and EPS formats and added PDF, WebP, TIFF and BMP for the image endpoint.
  • The embed endpoint now supports the ‘frame’ argument. It can be used to select an individual frame or page to be inserted from the input image.

We’ve also increased some of the rate limits to help avoid issues users have experienced in the past.

You can continue using the same API key when you switch to the new version. We recommend you give it a try.