Today we are proud to announce the release of our new WordPress plugin, the PDF Forms Filler for WPForms. After a long and tedious development effort, the plugin has finally reached maturity and, I must say, it turned out very nice.


The new plugin is basically a port of our PDF Forms Filler for CF7 plugin to WPForms. It features the same functionality of the PDF Forms Filler for CF7 plugin, translated over to WPForms. In a lot of ways the same features were improved and expanded.

Smart tags

The infinitely useful mail-tags feature of Contact Form 7 has been translated into WPFormssmart tags feature. There is a large selection of smart tags to chose from in WPForms form builder. Smart tags can be mapped to PDF fields, used for image embedding and used in filled PDF filename and in save path.

Notifications & Confirmations

The new plugin integrates with WPFormsnotifications and confirmations features slightly differently than the CF7 plugin was integrating with Contact Form 7. However, in many ways it works out better!

If you are interested in diving deep into the feature set of the new plugin then we suggest you install the plugin and give it a try. The new plugin documentation is on its way and will be launched in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, if you need support, try the plugin forum, submit a support ticket, or look at CF7 plugin’s documentation which describes the same features available in the new plugin.

Happy PDF form filling!