We have been working for a while towards a new major release of the PDF Forms Filler for CF7 plugin. It is finally ready to be released. The new version offers many great improvements.

PDF Forms Filler for CF7 Icon

New PDF Forms Filler for CF7 Icon

Multi-select Field Support

The new version has support for multi-select fields. You can now create select form-tags with the ‘multiple’ option and map them to PDF listbox fields that have the multi-select flag.

Better Admin UX with select2.js Dropdowns

We have switched from plain old select dropdowns to select2.js dropdowns to improve user experience. No longer do you need to scroll through a large unsorted list of fields to find the one field that you are looking for. You can now use the search box! Additionally, UI load times have been improved.

New ‘Value Mapping’ Feature

One of the most annoying things about the plugin was the way checkbox filling was configured. PDF checkboxes always have export values like ‘Yes’ and ‘On’, which isn’t very convenient. No one wants to use CF7 fields with such unfriendly-named options. CF7 pipes was the recommended solution, however, users would still have to deal with strangely named PDF export values on the back end. We have now remedied this problematic situation! You can now create multiple value mappings for each field mapping. This also creates a more friendly way to map a single CF7 checkbox with multiple options to multiple PDF checkboxes with the same export value. There are additional use cases for this new feature.

The new release also contains bug fixes and other improvements. We recommend you try it out as soon as possible.

We have also launched the plugin website, pdfformsfiller.org, with new plugin documentation. You are invited to visit and browse the helpful articles we have so far.

To celebrate the major version release, we are running a sale on all products. Get yours today!